Narragansett Bay Riverkeeper


Save The Bay's Riverkeeper program serves as a watchdog for Narragansett Bay’s tributary watersheds in Massachusetts. These watersheds include the Blackstone, Ten Mile, Runnins, Palmer, Kickemuit, Cole, Lee and Taunton Rivers. These watersheds provide much of the fresh water to Narragansett Bay and contain important habitats and natural resources.  

Meet the Riverkeeper

Rachel Calabro is our Narragansett Bay Riverkeeper, a role that provides a visible on-the-water presence and works in the community to protect, restore, and promote stewardship of the unique and magnificent rivers in our Bay watershed, focusing closely on the 60% of our watershed located in Massachusetts.

Rachel works with Massachusetts partner groups and municipalities and mobilizes community action on stormwater and wastewater pollution, investigates and responds to pollution incidents, and advocates for river restoration.


About the Riverkeeper program

Save The Bay launched the Narragansett Bay Riverkeeper program in 2016 to strengthen our direct action, restoration work and regulatory watchdogging in Massachusetts.

Through the Narragansett Bay Riverkeeper, Save The Bay continually weighs in on development projects, management plans, discharge permits, and other activities that could affect the ecological integrity and public enjoyment of the watershed. We engage in the collection and interpretation of data to inform the public and affect policy.

We urge our public officials to make the protection of our most valuable resource a top priority in their decision-making, and hold them accountable for actions that may affect Bay quality. Lastly, we keep the public informed through the press, our newsletters, and social media.


Like our other Keeper programs, the Narragansett Bay Riverkeeper is affiliated with the Waterkeeper Alliance, which now has more than 300 programs worldwide. They are both part of network of specialists with a passion for defending the environment and a devotion to working in their communities.