Adapting to Sea Level Rise

Save The Bay is directly involved in monitoring changes to the Bay from climate change. Using volunteer photographers, we have documented flooded parking lots, roads, and public parks. High tides are pushing further inland, threatening recreational resources and infrastructure.

Climate change adaptation can take on many forms. Creating resilient communities and supporting healthy ecosystems are among the most important issues for Save The Bay. We work with cities and towns to identify projects that protect shorelines from erosion, limit flooding, and maintain safe access to the shoreline.

Save The Bay is studying salt marsh response to sea level rise and is working on adaptive management strategies to help these habitats survive. We recently created a white paper that addresses coastal erosion, potential adaptation strategies and policy implications.

Supporting Sound Coastal Management

Save The Bay advocates for sound management decisions when it comes to coastal development and creating resilient shorelines. As a participant in the CRMC Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan, we support changes to the coastal program that allows for coastal retreat and does not stop the coastline's ability to migrate inland as sea level rises.

What will sea level rise look like in my community? Try the NOAA Sea Level Rise Viewer.