What We Do

Gooseneck Cove

Our mission is to protect and improve Narragansett Bay. Our vision is a fully swimmable, fishable, healthy Narragansett Bay, accessible to all and globally recognized as the natural treasure it is.

At Save The Bay, it takes a dedicated team of staff, volunteers, and leadership to continue our mission. Through an ecosystem-based approach to environmental action:

  • Our Narragansett Baykeeper, Narragansett Bay Riverkeeper and South County Coastkeeper act as watchdogs to ensure the Bay and its watershed is protected.
  • Our educators work tirelessly to keep the public aware of the importance of our waters and to teach good stewardship.
  • Our policy team works closely with state and local governments to pass laws that protect the Bay and keep lines of communication open with lawmakers on the importance of environmental action.
  • Our habitat restoration team restores and improves the ecological health of important coastal habitats and watershed areas.
  • We defend the right of the public to use and enjoy the Bay and its surrounding waters.
  • We foster an ethic of environmental stewardship among people who live in or visit the Narragansett Bay region.

When you live in an area that offers 400 miles of coastline and endless recreational options, you're bound to want to explore. Narragansett Bay gives Rhode Islanders a sense of place, and Save The Bay provides the chance to better understand its marvelous ecosystem.

For years, we have provided public education through experiential learning. That means our approach is hands-on. Spy on a seal. Examine a crab. Seine for fish. View Rhode Island from the open water. Save The Bay's environmental educators will introduce you to all the Bay has to offer. Whether you're a child discovering the Bay for the first time, a life-long Rhode Islander, or a weekend tourist with a few hours to spare, our programs offer you the chance to experience Narragansett Bay as a living classroom.

To protect coastal habitats, Save The Bay:

  • encourages smart development that protects the public’s right to access the coastline.
  • works to assess threats to salt marsh health and to restore healthy, functioning marshes.
  • supports efforts to restore water quality and has transplanted eelgrass to several areas around Narragansett Bay. We continue to plant small areas to assess their ability to support eelgrass habitat.
  • is working to restore scallops using caged spawner sanctuaries in the salt ponds.